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Adding Custom Tabs to Contact View or Company View

Developer Knowledge Required

This guide requires at least a basic understanding of PHP and WordPress development before you are able to add custom tabs via code.

This article explains how to add your own tabs programmatically to Jetpack CRM contacts and companies.

This is just one of many ways you can customise Jetpack CRM with code.

Adding Custom Tabs to Contact View Vitals Tab area

We’ve made this super easy.

To add your own tab to the Contact View ‘Vitals’ Tab area, you need to simply add a function which adds your tab to our array of tabs. This is fairly easy to achieve with WordPress filters.

Adding Custom Tabs to Company View Vitals Tab area

If you would like to add a custom tab to company view, the process is the same as above, only the filter name is slightly different.

The WordPress Filters

If you’re familiar with WordPress filters, here the filters we’re using are:




These need to be added as any other WordPress filter, for example: (Note the priority & argument count parameters at the end – these are required.)

add_filter( 'jetpack-crm-contact-vital-tabs', 'yourFunctionName', 10, 2);

Updated on June 26, 2023

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