Automation Recipes

What are Automation Recipes

Automation Recipes are a set of Recipes which we have developed for common use cases. These are recipes which are quicker to setup and is simply* a case of turning them on and letting our Automations robot do the work behind the scenes.

*There’s usually a catch though, so read on 😊

Automation Recipe Requirements

Some of the Automation Recipes require CRON jobs to run and perform their actions. All the Automation Recipes use the WordPress CRON system to fire. This has the following limitations

With Jetpack CRM, this won’t work if you have the following

  • Disable Front End = ON
    • Since there’s no front end, there’s no way the WP cron will fire

How Recipes Work

When you visit the recipes tab of Automations by following the top menu item

You’re taken to the list of pre-defined recipes (we are adding new recipes based on your feedback).

You’ll be able to see which of the recipes requires cron and clicking into the recipe will allow you to turn it ON.

Once the recipe is on it will run, well, automatically and save you the time in doing it yourself.

Automation Recipe Stats

If you return to your manage recipe page, you’ll be able to see the stats on the recipe to see when the last time it fired was, and how many times it’s done so

You can also force it to run manually which will be useful if you want to make something happen without waiting for the next automated run.

Requesting additional recipes

There are so many things you can do using the functionality of the Automation Recipes. If you’re using the extension and want to request additional recipes to be added please submit a ticket to us.

Updated on September 30, 2021

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