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Updating Contact Database (DBV2 Migration)

This update was included in v2.70+ of the Jetpack CRM Core, and with it comes a 20x+ improvement in page-load times and contact operations.

This guide will walk you through the steps of this essential database migration.


  • Before you get started, it is essential you backup your database.
  • You’ll need to be an Administrator to run this upgrade routine
  • This process will mean that your Contact ID’s change. The system remembers old ID’s and can expose these if you need them. Please let us know via support if this is an issue for your business workflow.
  • This vastly improves the performance of your Contact Database & you don’t need any special skills to run this upgrade

Running the Upgrade

If you started using Jetpack CRM after version 2.70, you’ll never need to do this, but if you started with us earlier, you’ll see that when you go to edit a contact you’ll be presented with a message (you should also get a Jetpack CRM Notification telling you to run the upgrade):

If you’re an admin, you’ll see a button ‘go to update’ – clicking this will take you to the upgrade routine. (If you’re not a site admin, you’ll need to get one to do this for you.)

Here’s the upgrade page:

Please read the page carefully before you hit the green button. It’s important that:

  1. You BACKUP your database before you run the routine – it’s been very well tested, but we’re not responsible for your loss of data if you do not back up before you run this!
  2. Please allow time. A 2k contact database may take 3-5 minutes, depending on your server hardware. A 10k list might therefore take 25 minutes+.
  3. Please leave the page open until the ‘Complete’ page shows (below).

… it’s imperative you take these seriously, but once you understand them – and agree – hit the green ‘I have backed up my database, Begin’ button.

Database Upgrade: Processing:

Once you get going, you’ll see a page like this (part completed) – this page will automatically start workers which will process 5 contacts at a time. This backs your data up as it goes, as well as migrating all ‘old database objects’ into new (and improved) DB2 objects. The progress bar will go up as it works, and you can pause this with the ‘Pause’ button (but please try to run it in one sitting, especially if you’re using API/Sync extensions).

After this has completed, you will see a page like this:

Database Upgrade Complete

This means you’re all set! Your Jetpack CRM has successfully upgraded your database. Win. Now your contact lists will be faster, your contact edits will be cleaner, and lots more awesomeness is on the way (we needed these database updates to enable future features in extensions like Mail Campaigns for CRM).

Note: If you’re using PRO extensions

It’s highly recommended that if you’re a CRM extension user (bundle owner?) that you update ALL of your extensions now – only the latest versions will properly support DB2 functionality.

Updated on June 3, 2020

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