How to Setup Mail Campaigns

A note about versions. Currently the live version of Mail Campaigns is v1.8. We do, however, have a beta of v2.0 out which represents a much advanced version of our extension. Read more about Mail Campaign versions here. This guide covers aspects of both, but if you have any issues at all please do reach out to support.

Mail Campaigns Settings

There are various settings you can choose which will effect Mail Campaigns. The only essential tweak you’ll need to check before you use Mail Campaigns v2 is that you have set up Mail Delivery Methods (please do read the guide on those here).

Once you have Mail Delivery Methods sorted, you can optionally work through the various settings which are covered by two settings pages.

Mail Settings – these settings effect all outgoing mail from Jetpack CRM:

Mail Campaign Settings (specifically) – These settings are specific to Mail Campaigns, and refer to sending methods (e.g. send frequency):

Updated on June 4, 2020

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