How to edit Portal Tab

You can add your own Client Portal tabs through adding child pages to the Client Portal Page but what if you want to modify the other tabs, such as Invoices, Quotes, etc.

For example, you may want to modify the placeholders on the “Your Details” page to show something different.

Editing Default Portal Tabs

To edit the Default tabs, the first thing you need to do is make a copy of the file you want from the zero-bs-crm/portal/templates/ folder. If you want to edit the “Your Details” tab, then you’d copy the details.php file into your theme folder (e.g. /wp-content/themes/your-theme/details.php

In the file you then find the type you want to edit (e.g. case ‘tel’: ) and to target a particular field, you can do a if ($fieldK == ‘mobtel’){

Then edit the placeholder for that block.

Edit via Jetpack CRM Settings

The above is developer level code, we will be adding easier UI for you to make edits to placeholders in the CRM following v3.0.

Updated on April 26, 2019

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